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Dress Appropriately for Breckenridge Skiing

It’s best to dress for skiing at Breckenridge in layers that can be added or removed depending on changes in the weather throughout the day.  Keep in mind that it may feel warmer or cooler depending on wind conditions and cloud cover, which can vary from one portion of the mountain to another when considering a ski resort of Breckenridge’s size.  You’ll generally find warmer temperatures in the base areas, with temps cooling as you move up the mountain into higher elevations.

A waterproof/breathable jacket and pair of ski pants is essential to keeping you warm, dry and happy on the mountain.  Layer in clothing that is both warm and breathable.  Cotton clothing and jeans absorb moisture as you perspire and can cause you to become dangerously cold.  Breathable materials such as fleece, wool, silk and polypropylene will help keep moisture away from your skin, maintaining your comfort throughout the day.  Additionally, consider wearing a neck gator or face mask for days when the mercury drops to less hospitable temperatures.  Proper ski attire can make you break your day on the ski slopes of Breckenridge.

When the ski day winds down, Breckenridge retains its casual mountain town atmosphere.  Jeans and a sweater or fleece will have you dressed appropriately for an evening on the town, no matter where you choose to celebrate.  Shoes or boots with good traction are highly recommended for navigating snowy winter streets and sidewalks.    

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